Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vintage Rose and Family History Freebie

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. We got a great response to the designer call and have added 5 new designers to the team. Barbara of digiMom Designs has a 50% off sale to celebrate the opening of her new store and CathyC, Jeanette Bollinger and RachelC have opened their stores. Brenda of Millstream Cottage will be opening soon. Barbara and RachelC have freebies and Jeanette has a CT call and a nice freebie,

I was trying to get my Free Kit of the Month started today but I spent most of the last two weeks typing and checking out the potential designers so that did not leave much time for designing or putting together previews, so I decided to dig out a couple of my old freebies. Vintage Rose is by far my favorite kit, so that is the first one and Family History is one of my favorites also so that is the second. I know a lot of you probably already have them but with so many newbies finding out about the joy and ease of digital scrapping every day I figured that a lot of you wouldn’t have them. If you like the freebies and want the kits you can find them here.

Now that the designer call is over I am going to try to get some new kits in the store. I have twelve kits in various stages of completion but my problem is that I always have a hard time deciding what papers to put in a kit. Typically when I get on a run with papers I will end up with 50 or 60 papers and being the pack rat that I am I can’t throw anything away…LOL. Most of those papers are different in some way, not just a different color but with blending modes changed on different layers and things that make each paper unique. I have been thinking of a way to offer them all to the people that purchase the kits but to make it easy for them to not download the extra papers if someone did not want all of them. Maybe something like a Bonus Paper Pack, I don’t know but I will have to figure something out.

Well, I better run for now, I still have to get the newsletter out. If you are not registered in the store or the forum but would like to see our sales or get the newsletter freebies here is the link to the newsletter. BTW, the April Showers Freebie below is still active. Enjoy!

Download Vintage Rose Freebie Here.

Download Family History Freebie Here

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SAS April Showers Sampler

I have so much to blog about but right now I am so busy with all of the designer applications that I don’t have much time today. I am so pleased at the quality of the designers who applied at SAS, it is going to be a tough choice, we are hoping to take on at least 4 new designers.

What I did want to do here today is to give you a sampler of the SAS April Showers Mega Kit. If you only buy one spring themed kit this should be it, there is such a variety of beautiful flowers and other elements that is the only one you will need. Wait until you see Boo’s awesome hand-drawn elements, they are SO adorable, AneczkaW made a cute little duck that really completes the “April Showers” theme. It is on sale for $6.95 There are 83 papers and 163, yes I said 163 embellishments. Below is a little sampler of the kit, these elements are in the kit so if you buy it you do not need to download this.

Here is the link to this week’s newsletter, there are some newsletter freebies and we started a contest (A quick and easy little contest) where the winner gets a $10 gift certificate so take a look.

I have to run so I can get back to work on the designer applications, hopefully that will be done by Friday and I can get some designing done this weekend. I have 12 kit in the works but I have not been able to finish anything up to my satisfaction. Finished or not I will start a free kit next week, there is nothing like a blog deadline to get me designing...LOL. In the mean time enjoy the sampler.

April Showers Sampler

Download April Showers Sampler Here

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mega Kit Sampler

It has been awhile since I blogged and I have lots of things to blog about but today I just have time to get a sampler from the SAS April Mega Kit posted. I meant to get this up two weeks ago but I got tied up with doing taxes, this was my first business tax return and it took a lot of time to do, time that I could have been doing something more fun or productive or relaxing or just about anything that would have been better than doing taxes…LOL.

We are looking for a few new designers at SAS, if you would like to apply the details are in our newsletter.

This is a sampler from the kit, if you bought the kit already then you do not need this since all of these pieces are in the kit. BTW, all of our mega kits are on sale for 5.95 until next week so now is the time to get them. I have to run for now but I will be back Friday with another freebie and I will fill you in about the last 6 weeks. Hugs to everyone that emailed asking how I was and when I would be back, I am back now! Enjoy!

Download SAS Mega Kit Sampler Here