Friday, February 29, 2008

Citrus Sunrise Grand Finale

I decided to combine parts 7 and 8 of Citrus Sunrise today. If you download all of the parts you will get 48 papers and 52 embellishments. This was a fun kit to design, I really liked working with this palette, the colors were so easy to blend. I will leave all of the links to Citrus Sunrise active until I start my March freebie that will be sometime next week so download these links while you can.

My birthday was Wednesday, I thought the best way to celebrate was with a sale, I won’t say how old I am, but if I had made the kits that percentage off I would have just about been giving them away…LOL.

Citrus Sunrise 7 + 8 Papers

Citrus Sunrise 7 + 8

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Citrus Sunrise Part 6

Grrrrrrrrr, I am SO mad at my computer!! I got this new Mac Pro a few weeks ago and it has been trouble ever since. It has been very unstable, something I am not use to in a Mac and even though it should be about 4 times faster than my old G5 it is so much slower it is driving me NUTS!!!!!! Last night after I made a few new pieces for Citrus Sunrise and the previews it would not power off so I had to do a hard shutdown (NOT good for the computer,) well this morning it would not boot up, I got what is called “the blue screen of death.” I had been planning on reinstalling the old operating system to see if maybe it was the new OS that was making the computer so slow but I was hoping to do it when I had some free time (like that happens very often…LOL) With the crash today I had no choice but to reinstall everything, it actually took about 6 hours since I had to install 3 versions of Adobe Creative Suites and they take forever to install. Now I still have to mess around with getting my passwords, bookmark, preferences and all the other software back on, what a waste of time this has been. Once I got the computer up and running I found out that the previews and a few really nice piece I made for this kit were lost, I don’t know how it could have happened, I had opened and closed them a few times so they were saved to the hard drive but they are GONE… like I said Grrrrrrrrrr. I did manage to put the frame back together so I have that for you, but the other pieces will take more time than I have tonight so I will have to get that to you later this week, probably Sunday. I hope you like the frame, it was really a happy accident, you may not believe this but it started out as a piece of simple black and white clipart, Ohhh, the wonders of Photoshop…LOL, All of the downloads from this kit are still active, Enjoy!

New Frame

Citrus Sunrise Part 6

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Citrus Sunrise Part 5

Sorry about the mix-up with the third download of part 4, it was just the preview and I did not zip it but in order for things to be downloadable from an FTP site they have to be zipped. All of the previous links to this kit are still active so if you do not have them yet be sure to get them before the end of the month. I will have part 6 sometime later this week. I love the name of this kit but I was surprised that none of the name suggested had the word “Creamsicle” in them, that is one of the first things that this color palette makes me think of. I still have about 50 papers left to this kit but I need to come up with a few more elements, I think I need to add some shabby pieces to extend the range of what it can be used for. Well, I hope you enjoy it!

Part 5

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SAS Mega Kit Freebie

If you read my last post you will remember I talked about how hard it is to put together the SAS mega kit preview. It ended up taking me almost a day and a half. When I first put all of the pieces together I thought it was a little small with only 89 papers and 91 embellishments. I finally got it done and looking good. After I uploaded the originals I did something I don’t usually do, I deleted the layered Photoshop docs, I figured I wouldn’t be working with the previews again and they took up almost 700 megs. Today when I started putting the Mega Kit freebie together I realized that I left two of the designers products out of the previews...grrrrrrrrrr. Somehow I managed to overlook Toye and Terrll’s folders so none of their pieces were included in the previews, I briefly considered doing the preview over to include some of their lovely pieces but sanity got the best of me and I decided that it would be better to get the newsletter out sometime today instead of redoing the preview. That will teach me to throw things out…LOL Their missing elements brings the count up to a whopping 101 papers and 107 embellishments! At the sale price of $6.95 it comes out to 3.5 cents per element, even at the regular price of $9.95 the cost is only 5 cents each. Lori and I say the same thing every month, “I think this is our best mega kit yet.” The pieces in today’s freebie are duplicates of the ones in the kit so if you buy the kit you do not need to get the freebie.

Be sure to get by Darlene’s blog, she has part 6 of “So Sweet” this is a full kit that she is giving out this month and Candee has part 2 of “October Romance” for you today. One more thing you do not want to miss, Al at Action FX has a great deal on his site, for just $5 you have access to all of the items you can download in a day. Al has almost 100,000 items, everything from ribbons to Photoshop styles available for one low price, he has a few subscription plans available. Al has been involved in Photoshop about as long as there has been a Photoshop so he knows his stuff, he is good people too.

If you want to check out this week’s specials and pick up a few more freebies here is the link to the newsletter.

SAS Mother Earth Mega Kit


Sampling of the Papers

SAS Mega Kit Freebie

Download SAS Mega kit freebie here
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3, fixed

Monday, February 11, 2008

February Freebie 4 & the Winner is……..

Well, it is a little late in the day but I told you I would have part 4 up and announce the winner of the kit naming contest today so here it is.

I have my new Mac set up but I am wondering if there is something wrong with it, it should be about 3 times faster than my old Mac, it should REALLY be one of the fastest personal computers on the face of the Earth but for some reason it is SLOOOOOOOW. My old Mac was pretty fast, I could have been happy with it for a long time if it hadn’t died, but with the specs on this new Intel based Mac I expected it to just fly. When I am working on my papers the Photoshop docs are sometimes over half a gig and use a gig or more in memory, my old Mac could handle two or three large docs open at the same time but this one really seems to drag with just one large doc open. It could be the new operating system, Leopard, (all of the Mac OS are named big cats) is an awesome OS with lots of new applications built in but it is possible that is part of why it is so slow. When I get a free day I might go ahead and reinstall the old operating system and see if that helps.

I spent a lot of time today getting the previews together for the SAS February Mega Kit, it really takes a long time trying to put all of those papers and elements together in a way that really shows them off well. I was also finishing up my part of the mega kit, anyone that has ever downloaded one of my kits knows that when I get on a roll with papers I can easily come up with at least 40 or 50, with this mega kit I ended up with 46 papers, not just recolored papers but different variations of the color and pattern combinations, I LOVE making paper, the problem is that for the mega kit the designers only need to make 6-8 papers, so what to do with all of the extras? I think that I am going to pull one pattern set out and base a new kit on them and then I will make a bonus paper pack for the mega kit, a pack of papers that are similar but different from the ones in the kit.

Another thing that took a lot of thought today was the final decision for the name of this kit. I want to thank all of you that took the time to send me your suggestions and for your kind comments. I got so many great suggestions it was a difficult choice. There were quite a few that had “Feelin” in the name, that was tempting to keep with that line ( I have a few ideas for kits with “Feelin” names,) I also received two suggestions for “Feelin Peachy” LOL, I already have a kit by that name, so obviously I like that but can’t use it again. A lot of suggestions had “Sunrise” and “Sunset” in the name, those were very fitting, There were at least a dozen that had “Citrus” in that name, looking at the papers that seemed very appropriate. So what seemed to really fit and to also go along with my “Tuscan Sunset” kit name is “Citrus Sunrise,” the winner of the contest is Joanne Kraft, she will receive a $25 certificate to SAS to spend on whatever she wants. If you do not have parts 1 to 3 they are still active and located below. I don’t know what day it will be but I will have part 5 up sometime this week. Enjoy!

Citrus Sunrise Parts 1 to 3 Elements

Citrus Sunrise Parts 1 to 3 Papers

Citrus Sunrise Part 4

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

February Freebie Part 3, Computer problems

Well, I promised this to you on Friday but I have had major computer problems, my Mac pooped out on me Thursday, it was the motherboard and it would have been very expensive to replace it, since the computer was almost 5 years old I decided to get a new Mac. I have been hoping to get a new Intel based Mac since they cam out but I certainly do not want to get one this way. It has been a long day getting it set up and ready to go but I have been determined to get this part of the kit up before I went to bed so here it is, the preview is not too great since I just threw it together. The previews are a combination of parts 1-3. With this mess I have not had time to go through the names I got in Thursday and Friday so I have not picked a winner yet but from what I have seen of the names that have come in it will be a hard choice. I will have the next part up on Monday along with the announcement of the winning name. I hope you like the kit, I am going to bed now and get a much needed rest, Enjoy!



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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Part 2 of February Free Kit

Well, I have had a crummy few days, Last Thursday I had read in the paper that there was a flu epidemic in the St Louis area where I live so when I went out I seriously considered wearing a mask. I decided not to since it probably would have looked a little silly…LOL. I think I should have gone with silly thou, I was at the check out counter at Wal-Mart when the cashier started coughing all over me…grrrrrrrr. I could have smacked her, instead I went home and bombarded myself with Wellborn, vitamin C and Zicam, I think it did help, I felt pretty bad but not as bad as what I have heard a lot of people have been. This is not the first time this has happened to me at Wal-Mart, the last time I got really, really sick it was from a stocker who sneezed all over me without covering his mouth. On well, at least I got that out of the way with no more than a few boring miserable days, but next time I might just go with the mask…LOL.

One thing I did manage to get done in the last few days is to design more of my February free kit and I got a good start on a few other kits. There is a preview of one of the papers below, I have not quite decided on the exact color palette yet, I seem to be doing a lot of yellow, red, oranges but I just love those colors.

Kit in process

Here is the link to this week’s newsletter, there are lots of beautiful layouts and freebies in it so be sure to take a look.

Here is the preview of parts 1 and 2 of my February free kit. I have received some real good suggestions for the “Name this Kit contest,” the contest closes Friday the 8th at midnight, send your ideas to me at, with the subject line of “Kit name.” The winning entry will get a $25 SAS store coupon, If you don’t have part 1 yet you will find it under last Friday 1st post. I will have part 3 up on Friday. Enjoy!

Part 1 and 2

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Friday, February 1, 2008

February Freebie Kit, Name the Kit Contest

I finally had some time to design this week so I made the kit that I will be giving out in February. I went a little overboard on papers, I made over 100 of them…LOL, I will probably include around 40 in the kit. I will be giving it out through out the month, probably twice a week. I don’t have a name for it yet, so if the colors inspire a name, send it to me at by Friday the 8th, whoever sends in the winning name will get a $25 SAS store coupon. Please be sure to put “KIT NAME” in the subject line of your e-mail.

We had a great response to posting the newsletter on our blogs so we are going to do it every week. Here is the link to this week’s newsletter, the freebies and sales are still active.

Be sure to go by Candee’s blog, she has the final part of “A Mermaid’s Heart” available for download, it is a great Valentines kit.

Candee’s “A Mermaid's Heart Freebie”

Candee’s newest kit “Dilly Dilly”

February Freebie Part 1

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