Friday, July 25, 2008

Memory Lane Part 6

Things didn't go as planned with this post. I had scheduled it so that the post below would come on line on Friday while I was on vacation. It looked easy enough, click on Post Options, choose the date and time that you want the post to show up, enter those totally unreadable verification letters and you are good to go………LOL. Surprise, Surprise, while I was away visiting my daughter secure in the knowledge that this post and Memory Lane part 6 would be here waiting for you, the post did not show up. I am going to try to make the scheduling thing work on Friday, today I will set it up so that part 7 shows up Friday morning but I will check it when I get up to make sure that it works.
I am still receiving a few comments that people are having trouble with part 5 of Memory Lane. I have re-zipped and uploaded it 4 times, I tested it every time and it worked for me. This time I have re-zipped it and uploaded it to 4-shared instead of my web site, the new link is two posts below at the bottom of the July 16th post. Read on for the post that you should have gotten on Friday and come back this Friday for the final piece of Memory Lane, Enjoy!

Well, if everything works like is should you are reading this post and I am visiting my daughter. I was so excited when I found out that you can schedule your posts in Blogger. Sometimes when I want to post something I don’t really have the time that I need to do it well. With the ability to schedule posts I can work on them a little bit at a time so that I don’t’ have to rush and get it done all at once.

I have part 6 of Memory lane for you today. This part has one of my favorite papers of the kit, paper 2 is blue with tan scrolls, I just love this particular color combination, I think that it will go with a lot of things. I like it so much that I have a close-up of it below. I will have part 7 for you next week. I will keep all of the links active until the 1st of August then it will disappear for awhile before I put it in the store.

The link to the SAS July Mega Kit sampler is still active also. This kit has some great elements. There are 61 papers and 100 embellishments and it is on sale for $5.95. I am real happy with how the pier border came out, I think it will set of a layout well. I did the copper shells with one of Al Wards of Action FX styles. If you have not signed up for Al’s subscription plan now is the time to do it because the rates are going up on the 1st of August. He has at least 100,000 things to download, all for one very low price so get it while the getting is good. BTW, Al also has a very good book on Photoshop called PS for right brainers, it is worth adding this one to your PS library (yes, I have a large PS library…LOL)

Some of the SAS July Mega Kit Elements

I better wrap this one up so that I can finish packing for my trip. I hope that I get lots of good pictures so that if I ever have time to scrap I will have some pictures to scrap with. Enjoy!

Memory Lane Part 6, Paper 2

Memory Lane Part 6

Download Memory Lane Part 6 Here

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SAS July Mega Kit Sampler

While I was putting parts 6 & 7 of Memory Lane together I realized that the part 5 zip had a space and a comma in the name and when I came and read the comments I see that some of you had trouble downloading it. I always test my links, it downloaded and unzipped fine for me so I didn’t notice the problem. I have fixed the link so that everyone should be able to download it now. Sorry it took so long for me to realize it. I will have part 6 on Friday and the grand finale next week. I am going to Nebraska to visit my daughter Beth at the Air Force base where she is posted so I am going to schedule the Friday post. I am looking forward to seeing Beth since it has been a few months since she came home. Her husband has been deployed so this seemed like a good time to make the trip. I have heard that Omaha has a really nice zoo so this will give me the chance take some pictures with my new camera, something besides the silk and real flowers that I have been photographing. I have been having a lot of fun making the Designers’ Garden CU flower kits and I should have a few more ready next week.

Designer’s Garden 3

Our July Mega kit has been released today. If you feel like I do about the ocean then you are going to LOVE this kit. I was raised in Massachusetts and as a kid I spent a lot of time on Cape Cod fishing and having picnics, the water was a little too cold to swim in but I have so many great memories of walking along the beach and climbing on the break waters. We also use to go to the piers where the boats came in with their catches of lobster and fish, those are some of my most vivid memories. I spent the summers with my dear grandma Elizabeth, one of the gentlest souls I have ever known. She lived on Anna Maria Island in the Gulf. In those days no one seemed to worry about sun burns so I always spent the first few days as red as a Cap Cod lobster, my grandma would spray me with vinegar to cool me down. I got to spend 3 months every year playing in the sand and sea, looking for shells and making sand castles for the sand fleas. I have been back to the Gulf a few times in recent years and as far as I am concerned it is the fountain of youth, it takes years off of how I feel physically and emotionally. Well, enough of that rambling…LOL. As I was saying about the July Mega kit, if you have any pictures of you family frolicking in the waves you have got to have this kit. The designers came up with some awesome papers and embellishments, there are piers, boats, anchors and shells to decorate our layouts with. The SAS CT team has been busy making some beautiful layouts so stop by and take a look at their handiwork.

Click here for the link to the newsletter. We have newsletter only freebies and great specials every week. If you do some shopping be sure to take advantage of our Free with Purchase kits, we always have at least two kits or combination of kits that you can get free with a $10 or $15 purchase, just a little way to help your $$$$ go farther.

Sampling of Elements from SAS July Mega Kit

Close up of SAS July Mega Kit

SAS July Mega Kit Paper Samples

SAS July Mega Kit Freebie

Link to SAS July Mega Kit Freebie

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Memory Lane Part 5

It has been a busy few weeks for me. As I mentioned in my last post I have been camera shopping, I had some previous photography experience and own a nice Pentex SLR so I considered getting a Pentex digital SLR because my old lenses would fit a new digital Pentex. The main problem I ran into with a digital SLR was the price, to get everything I wanted in a camera would have ended up costing around $1400. The next best (and cheaper) option was the Canon G9, it does almost everything a digital SLR does but at about a third of the price. One really nice thing about it is that even with all of the bells and whistles that it has it will still fit in a shirt pocket. So I ended up with the G9 and so far it seems like a good decision. I have been playing with it a lot and I am amazed at the detail I can get with it. Using foam core and every small lamp in the house I have a set up a little table top studio in my kitchen. I have been taking pictures of lots and lots of flowers to use in my kits and for Commercial Use products. My DH has never been too big on buying me flowers but now I have been buying them for myself and photographing them, it is a business expensive so it makes it more practical and I get to enjoy them after I am done.

I managed to put together 8 CU flower packs so far, they are called A Designers’ Garden. I hope that you will be seeing them in some other designer’s kits soon. The details are incredible and I just about went blind extracting them…LOL. They are all full color instead of grayscale. With full color when you re-color them you still have all of the tints and hues like in the original color, that is something that you cannot get with grayscale. Many of them are layered so that the leaves and centers can be colored separately. That part took forever since every little piece of the leaves or centers had to be extracted or they would have shown up on the flowers and that would not look too good.

With being wrapped up in that I never got around to posting the rest of Memory Lane so today I have part 5 and next week I will have parts 6 and 7 (I promise.) Parts 5, 6 and 7 have an additional 24 papers and 22 elements so all together there are 40 papers and 34 elements.

Here is the link to this week’s newsletter, there are always some newsletter only freebies in it and all of our sales are listed.

Some of A Designer's Garden line

Memory Lane Part 5

Download Memory Lane Part 5 (Link fixed)

I have had some emails saying that people are still having trouble with part 5. I have tested the link a number of times and it is OK for me. One thing you could do is clear your browser cache. I am putting the new link here also. If anyone is still having trouble with it I will repackage it and post it next week with part 7, part 6 will be posted on Friday

New link to part 5

Latest link (July 30th) to Memory Lane Part 5