Friday, July 25, 2008

Memory Lane Part 6

Things didn't go as planned with this post. I had scheduled it so that the post below would come on line on Friday while I was on vacation. It looked easy enough, click on Post Options, choose the date and time that you want the post to show up, enter those totally unreadable verification letters and you are good to go………LOL. Surprise, Surprise, while I was away visiting my daughter secure in the knowledge that this post and Memory Lane part 6 would be here waiting for you, the post did not show up. I am going to try to make the scheduling thing work on Friday, today I will set it up so that part 7 shows up Friday morning but I will check it when I get up to make sure that it works.
I am still receiving a few comments that people are having trouble with part 5 of Memory Lane. I have re-zipped and uploaded it 4 times, I tested it every time and it worked for me. This time I have re-zipped it and uploaded it to 4-shared instead of my web site, the new link is two posts below at the bottom of the July 16th post. Read on for the post that you should have gotten on Friday and come back this Friday for the final piece of Memory Lane, Enjoy!

Well, if everything works like is should you are reading this post and I am visiting my daughter. I was so excited when I found out that you can schedule your posts in Blogger. Sometimes when I want to post something I don’t really have the time that I need to do it well. With the ability to schedule posts I can work on them a little bit at a time so that I don’t’ have to rush and get it done all at once.

I have part 6 of Memory lane for you today. This part has one of my favorite papers of the kit, paper 2 is blue with tan scrolls, I just love this particular color combination, I think that it will go with a lot of things. I like it so much that I have a close-up of it below. I will have part 7 for you next week. I will keep all of the links active until the 1st of August then it will disappear for awhile before I put it in the store.

The link to the SAS July Mega Kit sampler is still active also. This kit has some great elements. There are 61 papers and 100 embellishments and it is on sale for $5.95. I am real happy with how the pier border came out, I think it will set of a layout well. I did the copper shells with one of Al Wards of Action FX styles. If you have not signed up for Al’s subscription plan now is the time to do it because the rates are going up on the 1st of August. He has at least 100,000 things to download, all for one very low price so get it while the getting is good. BTW, Al also has a very good book on Photoshop called PS for right brainers, it is worth adding this one to your PS library (yes, I have a large PS library…LOL)

Some of the SAS July Mega Kit Elements

I better wrap this one up so that I can finish packing for my trip. I hope that I get lots of good pictures so that if I ever have time to scrap I will have some pictures to scrap with. Enjoy!

Memory Lane Part 6, Paper 2

Memory Lane Part 6

Download Memory Lane Part 6 Here