Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Tricks or Treats

Link expired

A few people have reported being asked for a password to unzip this file. I do not have a password on it. I think the problem might be some people might have a firewall protection program that is doing it since it does not happen to everyone. I have an alternative link that might help. I do promise you that if you like my papers you will LOVE this.
Alternative download for Trick or Treat freebie

Well the trick was almost on me, last night my internet went down, after about 6 hours. I was starting to panic a little, I was afraid I was going to have to take my DH’s computer and go out in the middle of the night to find some place that had wi-fi so I could upload my treats for you. What a relief when it came back on.

Phreephorm is the one that put all of this together, it was all her idea and she has done such a great job, I absolutely LOVE her knockers. BTW, it is her birthday today so be sure to say “Happy Birthday” when you stop by her blog. To celebrate she has her whole store on sale.

Click on the door knocker to visit your next mysterious destination!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Welcome Darlene and Mega kit Freebie

We have a lot of things going on this week. The first and most exciting is that Darlene is joining the SAS design team. I absolutely love her style and something that really impressed me is her organizational system. I really think a nicely organized kit makes it easier to find things. I am somewhat obsessive myself about how I organize the kits I buy, for a while there I was spending more time organizing than scrapping…LOL, but I do know where everything is. Janalyn and Trish F spent the weekend stocking her store so stop by and take a look.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Trick or Treating, I don’t have any tricks for you but all of the SAS-y Ladies will have a treats. This will be a lot more fun than getting up every few minutes to answer the doorbell.

You have one more day to enter the SAS-y Princess contest, we have some lovely entries. The winner will be the SAS-y Princess next month and gets a $20 store coupon, for details and to get you layout entered go to the forum.

I have a sampling of the SAS October Mega kit to share with you today. I have told you before that I love fall colors and this palette has a nice variation of colors to complement your fall happenings. See you tomorrow, Enjoy!

Previews of a few of the elements and papers from the SAS October Mega kit.

Your Mega kit Freebie

Download the Mega Kit Freebie Kit Here

Just in case alternative freebie download link

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Delicious Berry Blue 5

BTW, in the newsletter I said Thanksgiving is next week, just so none of you panic and start baking, Thanksgiving is next MONTH, Halloween is next WEEK…LOL

Today brings us to the grand finale of Delicious Berry Blue, I redid the butterflies, they were a little too bright for the kit so I toned them down a bit and I have an array of flowers in this download. I will leave the links up until Nov 31 so be sure to get all of the pieces before then.

Our newsletter is out and we have our new SAS mega kit on sale, I have close-up previews of my portion and a few of the papers I made for it. To see the whole kit go to the store.

The SAS-y ladies are getting your tricks and treats ready so be sure to visit us on Halloween for your goodie bag.

I have had a great response from people wanting our Feelin Welcome kit and I am a little behind getting out the “I’m registered” requests but they will be in our mailbox soon.

Fall is in the air here and I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, my SIL and I take turns hosting the family and I am very thankful that it in not my turn…LOL Although I love to decorate for fall with everything I have going on with the site it would not be a good year, besides I have about 6 months of housecleaning to catch up on…ROFLOL. With BethO in the Air Force she has missed the last two Thanksgivings but she is coming home this year and that is something I am so thankful for. Enjoy!

Go to October Mega kit

Sampling of JulieO portion of Mega kit

Delicious Berry Blue Freebie

A few people had trouble with part 4 of Delicioujs Berry blue so I have two links, you only need to download one of them.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Delicious Berry Blue and Feelin Welcome

Last week was a good week, it was one of those times when everything just seemed to come together, I got Vintage Rose done and I have the mega kit on sale. After having dozens of people ask me to get Feelin Wonderful in the store I finally got it repackaged. I will have to say, it was a real booger to figure out how to do it. First I was going to do it by color, but then it would have been uneven, so I decided to divide it by style. Many of the pieces are perfect for formal/dressy occasions and a lot of them are more fun and light hearted. So Feelin Wonderfully Elegant and Feelin Wonderfully Playful are now available in the SAS Boutique for the wonderfully elegant and playful price of $4.95 each!! There was also enough pieces to make Feelin Welcome, this is SAS’s welcome kit. It is available to all new forum registrants, within a few days of registering it will be sent to you. But I do not want anyone to be left out so if you registered in the forum after the links to Feelin Wonderful were removed send me e-mail at and I will send you the link. It will make it a lot easier for me if you include “I’m registered” in your subject line.

I have part 4 of Delicious Berry Blue for you today. This color palette has been so much fun to work with and if I ever get time to scrap I have lots of pictures of my kids in these colors. Just for the heck of it I made a preview of all of the pieces I have given out so far, those links are still active.

Be sure to check out SAS’s newsletter, there are some great specials and fun treats for you that are only available through the newsletter. Pillow has an ongoing freebie that is connected to her newsletter freebie so be sure to get by her blog to snag those. This week’s newsletter is an expanded edition that Lori will be putting together monthly, she has done a spectacular job developing the style and this week’s issue is premier of our member spotlight column. Enjoy!

Feelin Welcome

Delicious Berry Blue 1-4

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Vintage Rose is Here

First I want to say Happy Birthday to my mom. She lives in Massachusetts so I do not get to see her very often. She was a school lunch room worker for a long time and she use to hate to fly but in the last 10 years or so she has become a world traveler, she has been to every continent except Antarctica, and is quite the cruise queen. My mom is one of the funniest people I know, she can tell a story in such a way that you will end up literally ROFLYBO. I had thyroid cancer about 15 years ago and her and my Aunt Cheryl came to take care of me and my family while I was recovering, I almost split my stitches laughing so much. I tried to call her today but her Call Wave would not let me through for some reason so, Mom, Happy Birthday!! I love you.

I am going to interrupt Delicious Berry Blue and introduce Vintage Rose, I had so much fun with this kit, it was great to get away from managing the store for a while. Jan is back from vacation so I hope to have more design time, there is so much to do when you have a store, it would be impossible for me without people like Janalyn and Lori helping out. This color palette was so easy to work with, the papers just kept rolling out and I ended up with over 50. If you look closely you can see the details and textures in the papers. Of course I had to have beads, they are one of my favorite things to make, check out the drop beads, they took forever to make but I have wanted to do something like this for awhile. It will be in the store as a kit, an add-on and as a mega kit, which is a combination of the kit and the add-on at a 25% savings. I have the mega kit on sale until Tuesday night for the same price as the kit so you might want to snap it up for that price. I have a freebie for you from Vintage Rose, it will give you a taste of the details and textures in the kits and should be enough to make a nice layout, Enjoy!

Vintage Rose Kit

Vintage Rose Papers

Vintage Rose Details

Your Vintage Rose Freebie

Download Vintage Rose Freebie Here

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Download problems

I have had a few reports of problems with the Giga Size link so I am adding a Send Space link and also the 4-shared link, but I have a warning in my post below about the 4-Shared link having an erotic ad on it, I have sent numerous e-mails and left some phone messages for 4-Shared about this disgusting ad so be forwarned.

Send Space link to Delicious Berry Blue Part 3

Read the post below before you use the 4-Shared link

4-Shared link to Delicious Berry Blue Part 3

Delicious Berry Blue Part 3

OMGosh, I would have had this up sooner but when I checked the 4-Shared link I was SHOCKED to see an extremely disgusting advertisement for a hot and h*rn*y Britney Spears video in the link. There was also a video of someone throwing himself in front of a bus. I spent a lot of time trying to get through to 4-shared on the phone with no luck so I wrote an e-mail to every address that 4-shared had to hopefully get some attention for this. I know that as a free site we agree to have advertisements on the link but I thought they did not allow offensive ads. I sure hope this is a fluke and it gets cleared up soon. Then I tried to use Send Space but I kept getting error messages, so I ended up putting them on gigasize.

I am going to keep it short and sweet today, I have a lot of irons in the fire that are going to melt if I don’t get back to them…LOL

I am so happy with how this kit is coming along, next to autumn colors this is my favorite color combination. I have a lot of pictures of my kids in these colors and I bet you do too. I am using Painter to make some flowers for the kit, I hope to have them ready soon, but it is a challenging program to learn.

I just got the newsletter out so hopefully you will find it in your mailbox today. If you are not registered in the forum you are not in our mailing list so be sure to get signed up for next week. I didn’t have a chance to make a freebie for this week but next week I want to add to the freebie I had in the newsletter last week.

Well I need to run, Enjoy!

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Delicious Berry Blue Part 2

It has been another busy week for me, I spent some time trying to read the manual for Blue Host (the server the site is on.) OMGosh, who writes those things, I know they are in English but you could have fooled me...LOL. I think I need to take a trip to the bookstore today to find a book that will explain this web master stuff. I have also been getting organized, when things are unorganized it just drives me nuts, it must be my obsessive side, I am just glad that all of the paperwork is on my computer and not on my desk, because if it was on my desk it would have fallen over and buried me by now, geez, I hate paperwork… (ROFLOLHysterically.) Janalyn, one of my right-hand girls will be coming home from her vacation in Ireland soon and I think I will throw a party to welcome her home, her and Lori are two of the people that help make all of this possible.

When I need a break from paperwork I have been learning to paint in Painter, it is something I have wanted to do since I put my water and oil colors away years ago. Painter is an incredible program but the learning curve on it is steeper than Mt Everest, first it helps to have some artistic talent and them remembering all of the steps involved in making a brush do what you want it do takes some time, it could be awhile until I come up with something good enough to show you, a loooong while…LOL

The third edition of our newsletter went out on Wednesday, If you are registered in the forum but did not receive it let me know at Don’t forget about our SAS-y Princess contest the winner will win a $20 store coupon for doing what you love to do, scrapping, so go check it out. Be sure to get by all of the SAS designer’s blogs, they are all giving out some great freebies today and you don’t want to miss them.

Well, it is off the bookstore for me to see if I can find something written in English about managing websites, wish me luck…LOL Here is part 2 of Delicious Berry Blue, Enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Delicious Berry Blue Freebie

Here is the first part of my October freebie, I was tempted to do fall colors because I love those colors but I ended up making a fall colored newsletter freebie for you instead.

We have so many exciting things going on at SAS this week. Yesterday was the start of our SAS-y Princess contest. Submit your links to layouts made from SAS products here and at the end of the month the designers will choose who will be the SAS Princess for the next month, the winner will also receive a $20 store coupon. We have also started an Honor our Heroes gallery, to honor the men and women that protect and serve, from firefighters to military personal.

All of the designers have been busy putting together some spectacular products so be sure to go by the store and check them out. PillowGirl and Sherah have put together the most awesome kit I have ever seen, this kit has 44 papers and almost 100 unique elements in a subtle fall color palette that will go with so much. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

Our newsletter goes out tomorrow and I have a sneak peek of my freebie that you can only get through the newsletter. If you have not registered in the forum yet then you probably are not on our mailing list. I will be sending the newsletter out in the early afternoon Wednesday so you still have time to register (until noon central, Wednesday, all you have to do is register as a forum user and leave the box checked to receive mail from the administrator.
I hope you enjoy this month’s kit, I had a hard time deciding what pieces to put in the first download because I have so many neat ones made so I gave you a little taste of the various elements, I will be posting a new part twice a week.

Newsletter Freebie

Delicious Berry Blue Part 1

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Feelin Thankful

Click Here to Purchase Feelin Thankful