Thursday, October 25, 2007

Delicious Berry Blue 5

BTW, in the newsletter I said Thanksgiving is next week, just so none of you panic and start baking, Thanksgiving is next MONTH, Halloween is next WEEK…LOL

Today brings us to the grand finale of Delicious Berry Blue, I redid the butterflies, they were a little too bright for the kit so I toned them down a bit and I have an array of flowers in this download. I will leave the links up until Nov 31 so be sure to get all of the pieces before then.

Our newsletter is out and we have our new SAS mega kit on sale, I have close-up previews of my portion and a few of the papers I made for it. To see the whole kit go to the store.

The SAS-y ladies are getting your tricks and treats ready so be sure to visit us on Halloween for your goodie bag.

I have had a great response from people wanting our Feelin Welcome kit and I am a little behind getting out the “I’m registered” requests but they will be in our mailbox soon.

Fall is in the air here and I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, my SIL and I take turns hosting the family and I am very thankful that it in not my turn…LOL Although I love to decorate for fall with everything I have going on with the site it would not be a good year, besides I have about 6 months of housecleaning to catch up on…ROFLOL. With BethO in the Air Force she has missed the last two Thanksgivings but she is coming home this year and that is something I am so thankful for. Enjoy!

Go to October Mega kit

Sampling of JulieO portion of Mega kit

Delicious Berry Blue Freebie

A few people had trouble with part 4 of Delicioujs Berry blue so I have two links, you only need to download one of them.

Sorry, Link Disabled