Friday, October 5, 2007

Delicious Berry Blue Part 2

It has been another busy week for me, I spent some time trying to read the manual for Blue Host (the server the site is on.) OMGosh, who writes those things, I know they are in English but you could have fooled me...LOL. I think I need to take a trip to the bookstore today to find a book that will explain this web master stuff. I have also been getting organized, when things are unorganized it just drives me nuts, it must be my obsessive side, I am just glad that all of the paperwork is on my computer and not on my desk, because if it was on my desk it would have fallen over and buried me by now, geez, I hate paperwork… (ROFLOLHysterically.) Janalyn, one of my right-hand girls will be coming home from her vacation in Ireland soon and I think I will throw a party to welcome her home, her and Lori are two of the people that help make all of this possible.

When I need a break from paperwork I have been learning to paint in Painter, it is something I have wanted to do since I put my water and oil colors away years ago. Painter is an incredible program but the learning curve on it is steeper than Mt Everest, first it helps to have some artistic talent and them remembering all of the steps involved in making a brush do what you want it do takes some time, it could be awhile until I come up with something good enough to show you, a loooong while…LOL

The third edition of our newsletter went out on Wednesday, If you are registered in the forum but did not receive it let me know at Don’t forget about our SAS-y Princess contest the winner will win a $20 store coupon for doing what you love to do, scrapping, so go check it out. Be sure to get by all of the SAS designer’s blogs, they are all giving out some great freebies today and you don’t want to miss them.

Well, it is off the bookstore for me to see if I can find something written in English about managing websites, wish me luck…LOL Here is part 2 of Delicious Berry Blue, Enjoy!

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