Friday, August 1, 2008

Memory Lane Part 7

The post below was scheduled to show up on Saturday but obviously it didn’t. I don’t know why the scheduling option is not working for me but hopefully I can get it figured out. I was going to disable the links to Memory Lane on Friday the 8th but because of this glitch I will leave them active until Friday the 15th. In the mean time I wanted to post the link to this week’s SAS newsletter. and to tell you that today I added Leaf and Stem Packs to all of my Commercial Use Designer’s Garden kits. To celebrate all of the kits are on sale for 30% off. If you previously purchased any of the kits you will be receiving the link to the appropriate Leaf & Stem pack soon. So far there are 8 different kits available with more to come soon. You can get the links to Memory Lane below. Enjoy!

A Designers' Garden 6

A Designers' Garden 2

(Scheduled for Saturday 2nd)
I don’t have time to blog too much tonight, I just wanted to get part 7 of Memory Lane set up. I am trying the scheduling option again, I hope it works this time. I have a doctors appointment this morning but I will check when I get back to make sure it is showing up.
I am still getting emails from some people saying that they are having trouble with part 5. I think it must be cursed. I have rezipped and uploaded it 5 times, the last time to 4-shared. I even resaved the elements from the original Photoshop docs hoping that would help. I am going to ask Janalyn if she can upload her copy somewhere that I can link to. I will leave all parts of the kit active until the 8th of August. If you are new to my blog be sure to go back to the old post to get the freebies from the SAS Mega kit, they are all still active. Well, I’ve gotta run so I can get up early for my doctor’s appointment.

Memory Lane Part 7

Download Memory Lane Part 7 Here