Monday, February 11, 2008

February Freebie 4 & the Winner is……..

Well, it is a little late in the day but I told you I would have part 4 up and announce the winner of the kit naming contest today so here it is.

I have my new Mac set up but I am wondering if there is something wrong with it, it should be about 3 times faster than my old Mac, it should REALLY be one of the fastest personal computers on the face of the Earth but for some reason it is SLOOOOOOOW. My old Mac was pretty fast, I could have been happy with it for a long time if it hadn’t died, but with the specs on this new Intel based Mac I expected it to just fly. When I am working on my papers the Photoshop docs are sometimes over half a gig and use a gig or more in memory, my old Mac could handle two or three large docs open at the same time but this one really seems to drag with just one large doc open. It could be the new operating system, Leopard, (all of the Mac OS are named big cats) is an awesome OS with lots of new applications built in but it is possible that is part of why it is so slow. When I get a free day I might go ahead and reinstall the old operating system and see if that helps.

I spent a lot of time today getting the previews together for the SAS February Mega Kit, it really takes a long time trying to put all of those papers and elements together in a way that really shows them off well. I was also finishing up my part of the mega kit, anyone that has ever downloaded one of my kits knows that when I get on a roll with papers I can easily come up with at least 40 or 50, with this mega kit I ended up with 46 papers, not just recolored papers but different variations of the color and pattern combinations, I LOVE making paper, the problem is that for the mega kit the designers only need to make 6-8 papers, so what to do with all of the extras? I think that I am going to pull one pattern set out and base a new kit on them and then I will make a bonus paper pack for the mega kit, a pack of papers that are similar but different from the ones in the kit.

Another thing that took a lot of thought today was the final decision for the name of this kit. I want to thank all of you that took the time to send me your suggestions and for your kind comments. I got so many great suggestions it was a difficult choice. There were quite a few that had “Feelin” in the name, that was tempting to keep with that line ( I have a few ideas for kits with “Feelin” names,) I also received two suggestions for “Feelin Peachy” LOL, I already have a kit by that name, so obviously I like that but can’t use it again. A lot of suggestions had “Sunrise” and “Sunset” in the name, those were very fitting, There were at least a dozen that had “Citrus” in that name, looking at the papers that seemed very appropriate. So what seemed to really fit and to also go along with my “Tuscan Sunset” kit name is “Citrus Sunrise,” the winner of the contest is Joanne Kraft, she will receive a $25 certificate to SAS to spend on whatever she wants. If you do not have parts 1 to 3 they are still active and located below. I don’t know what day it will be but I will have part 5 up sometime this week. Enjoy!

Citrus Sunrise Parts 1 to 3 Elements

Citrus Sunrise Parts 1 to 3 Papers

Citrus Sunrise Part 4

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