Saturday, February 9, 2008

February Freebie Part 3, Computer problems

Well, I promised this to you on Friday but I have had major computer problems, my Mac pooped out on me Thursday, it was the motherboard and it would have been very expensive to replace it, since the computer was almost 5 years old I decided to get a new Mac. I have been hoping to get a new Intel based Mac since they cam out but I certainly do not want to get one this way. It has been a long day getting it set up and ready to go but I have been determined to get this part of the kit up before I went to bed so here it is, the preview is not too great since I just threw it together. The previews are a combination of parts 1-3. With this mess I have not had time to go through the names I got in Thursday and Friday so I have not picked a winner yet but from what I have seen of the names that have come in it will be a hard choice. I will have the next part up on Monday along with the announcement of the winning name. I hope you like the kit, I am going to bed now and get a much needed rest, Enjoy!



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