Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mega Kit Sampler

It has been awhile since I blogged and I have lots of things to blog about but today I just have time to get a sampler from the SAS April Mega Kit posted. I meant to get this up two weeks ago but I got tied up with doing taxes, this was my first business tax return and it took a lot of time to do, time that I could have been doing something more fun or productive or relaxing or just about anything that would have been better than doing taxes…LOL.

We are looking for a few new designers at SAS, if you would like to apply the details are in our newsletter.

This is a sampler from the kit, if you bought the kit already then you do not need this since all of these pieces are in the kit. BTW, all of our mega kits are on sale for 5.95 until next week so now is the time to get them. I have to run for now but I will be back Friday with another freebie and I will fill you in about the last 6 weeks. Hugs to everyone that emailed asking how I was and when I would be back, I am back now! Enjoy!

Download SAS Mega Kit Sampler Here