Thursday, September 27, 2007

Feelin SAS-y and an Update

I know, I know, I know, it has been awhile since I have posted, my last was a few days after the store opened. It has been a busy two weeks. We got off to a great start with just a few glitches and your responses were wonderful. We had so many nice comments about our newsletter, Lori put it together in Word and it is so easy to read and well organized. We just got our second newsletter out yesterday with a new mail program so if you did not get it contact me at We have a drawing going on until the 2nd, everyone that spends $15 or more in one purchase will be in a drawing for one of ten $10 storewide coupons, so get shopping! Right after the store opened I took a little time off to spend with Beth before her leave was up. I had been too busy getting ready for the store that I was not able to do much with her and I didn’t fix as many of her favorite meals as I hoped. She did understand and was very happy for me and just glad to be home. We spent a lot of time chatting and getting to know each other in a new way. The last two years in the Air Force have done so much for her. She has matured and become a wonderful young woman. A few days after she left I got terribly sick. I think that the last 3 ½ months of long workdays and not taking care of myself caught up with me. I got bronchitis and ended up spending most of five days in bed. I was just glad that it happened after the store opened, I guess I was moving too fast for it to catch me before…LOL but the minute I relaxed …WHAM. It was frustrating but it kind of worked out because I was forced to relax. I had a lot of catching up to do when I felt better but I am getting there now.

I was unorganized for a while and I don’t function well when things are messy so I have spent a lot of time getting organized and making all kinds of lists.. I like lists…LOL. I really want to prioritize what needs to be done first, what I decided is that my first responsibilities are to get the store and forum all ship shape and I will be getting back to blogging regularally. So with this in mind it might be awhile until I can focus on my designs for the store. This is something I have to do since I feel a responsibility to all of the great people that have become involved with SAS, I want to do everything I can to help SAS to mature into a solid community and a successful store. To my posting contest winners, I do not want to keep you waiting for my designs so if you would like to trade in the coupon for my products for a store wide coupon let me know and I will get you a new one ASAP. I have an awesome kit that I will be giving out here in October starting next week so be sure to check back in then.

Here is the last part of Feelin SAS-y, the frame comes with and without broken glass and of course some great beads, I just can’t make a kit without beads. I want to acknowledge Al at Action FX, I used a few of his styles and the buttons are from his new scrapbook collection. His subscription plans includes access to over 100,000 items for an extremely reasonable price, so check it out.

I am removing the links to the downloads and the quick pages from my previous kits but I will leave the Feelin SAS-y QPs in the gallery active until Friday the 5th so be sure to get the ones you want. All of the links to Feeling SAS-y are still active (I just reactivated part 2) including the one in the members giveaway, the link to the forum is below. While you are there check out some of the beautiful layouts made from the September Mega kit. I hope to see more of your layouts in the Member’s Gallery. Enjoy!

Download Feelin SAS-y part 5 Here

Go to SAS Forum for Feelin SAS-y Bonus 3+ 4 from 8-29