Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Feelin Frosty Freebie

You probably heard about the vote problem we had by now, it was the craziest thing. Friday night I was telling Steve how well things had gone and I just felt like I had jinxed it. I am one of those “never say never” people, about 10 years ago I said “I have never had a speeding ticket” what do you think happened the next day…LOL. Last year Meg said “Mom, you should be proud of me, with all of the driving I have done I have never had a speeding ticket” I told her my little story and said “Never say never” The next day she was driving back to college when she called me and said “Mom, you were right (words that you rarely hear from a teenager….LOL) I just got my first speeding ticket” I am not normally a superstitious person (I love black cats and have walked under ladders with no ill effects) but in this case I will never say never again.

We have a new SAS-y Princess for December, Rose won with Leaf Pile using Autumn Wind by CanDesigns. Rose will receive a $20 storewide coupon to SAS. If you want to be the next SAS-y Princess post your layouts using SAS products in the gallery and post the link in the SAS-y Princess forum. At the end of the month the SAS-y Ladies vote for their favorite.

I have been working on a snowflake kit for the last month or so and I finally finished Feelin Frosty up today. I just love snowflakes and I spent a lot of time making the ones I used as embellishments and on the paper. I went a little overboard on paper again and ended up with over 80. I had a heck of a time deciding which ones to use so I came up with a kit and an add-on. One thing that took forever was the icicle topper, and ice frame, they came out pretty good. I used 4 or 5 Action FX styles in this kit, if you haven’t taken a look at what Al has to offer you will be amazed, over 100,000 styles, brushes and other things for one low price so check it out. Feelin Frosty will be in the store sometime today, the kit and add-on can be bought together as a Mega kit for a big savings, the mega kit is on sale for the next two weeks. Here is a sampling of the kit, Enjoy!

Feelin Frosty

Feelin Frosty Closeup

Feelin Frosty Freebie

Download Feelin Frosty Freebie Here