Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dear Mom Freebie

Here is the first part of my Free Kit of the Month. It is called Dear Mom and it is in honor of my mom. With Mother’s Day being this Sunday it seems like an appropriate time for this. One of the biggest regrets of my life is that when I was fifteen I made some stupid decisions that took my path in life many miles from my mother. I say “regret” but I can’t regret that those decisions lead me to where I am now, married to a great guy with four children that are so dear to me. I regret that I have not been able to share my life with my mom except for the occasional visits. She is a very special women, she left my father in a time that most women stayed in bad marriages but she knew that we would be better off without him. She worked very hard all of those years to support us without any help from my father, her family or the government. I was an only child until I was thirteen so we were very close. When I was fifteen (that time in life when I knew everything…LOL) I moved away from home not knowing that it would be forever. For a few years more than miles separated us, it took me becoming a mother for that gulf to close and for me to realize just how much my mother had sacrificed for me and how little I really did know. My mom taught me lots of things but mostly she taught me how to be a mother, much of the mother I am came from her. We have had lots of good visits over the years (but never enough) and one thing I learned about my mother is that she is one of the funniest people I know, I have always had my best laughs with my mom, real “hurt my belly” laughs. I guess that is how life goes, kids grow up and move on but I do wish I could have shared more of my life with my mom. One piece of advice to you moms with young children, enjoy it while you can, it was only yesterday that my little ones were asking me to give them a good night back rub or to read them a book. Now they are grown and living lives of their own, some of them too far from home, it goes WAY too fast.

BTW, for all of you moms that will be getting flowers this Mother’s Day, here is a little secret I learned that will keep those flowers looking perky for a long time. Mix up the little packet of crystals that comes with the flowers in the correct amount of water and then add ½ teaspoon of bleach to the mix. I had just read about this in the newspaper when my DH got me flowers for Valentines Day and our anniversary so I decided to try it. The roses were still looking good after two weeks and the mixed flowers kept for over a week and a half. I think the bleach also helped them to dry well, I hung them upside down for a few weeks and they are beautiful, as soon as I get time I am going to take some pictures and make some elements from them.

I will have more of Dear Mom next week, there will be about 24 papers and no telling how many elements. I was hoping to have more elements ready today but the flowers took a long time to get looking just the way I wanted them to. This kit will have a lot of looks because the papers went in a few directions but it should be a good mix and match kit. Happy Mother’s Day and Enjoy!

Flower Frame

Dear Mom Part One

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