Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Butterfly Garden Part 1

I really appreciate all of the wonderful comments for my Infatuation kit and for the name suggestions. There were a few names I was considering but when after I designed the butterflies I knew what the name had to be. I had hoped to have the first part of this ready on Monday and I was just about finished with the papers when I started designing the elements. I had gone the grungier route but when I started designing the elements I knew that what I had in mind was not going to work with the papers. The flowers and butterflies were perkier than the paper so I decided to go back and “degrunge” the papers. Fortunately I had all of the paper in very large (some over 400 mgs) PSDs still. I am SO happy with this kit so it was worth the time to go back and redo it.

The kit will be a three-part download that will finish up on Saturday. Below is a preview of all the papers. Today’s download will have three papers and some yummy embellishments. I hope you enjoy it and will come back for more. I do not have previews of the rest of the embellishments yet as they are still in progress but I promise that they will be just as great. Enjoy!
P.S.If you are interested the links for Infatuation are still active.

Sorry Link has been removed.