Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I’ve Been Tagged, Paper Preview and a Note About Tutorials

I just want to make sure you know that all of the kit links are still active but I will be taking Infatuation down next week.

I’ve been tagged by Happy of "Happy Scrap Girl" so here goes.

I am 6’ tall blond and weigh 130 lbs (In my dreams! Actually one of those is right.)

I am a bit of a Mac and Photoshop geek, I run a Mac dual 2 GHz with 4 ½ gigs of memory. It is 3 years old but still handles everything I can throw at it, including the 600-800 mg docs it can take to make the richly textured papers I like to make.

My nest is empty most of the time with the exceptions of my DH, my little dog Zoe, my big dog Shadow and a kitty, Cricket. My youngest DD is home from college for the summer, my DS is on to graduate school and my “middle” child, a DD is in the Air Force learning to speak Arabic.

I am a bit of a recluse having been a stay at home/home schooling mom for the last 25 years (I only home schooled for about 6 years.)

I have been scrapbooking on and off for 11 years. I actually designed a scrapbook book called “101 Photo Mat Ideas” Designing the book is what lead to me getting my Mac. In the process of designing the book I ended up falling in love with the Mac and Photoshop. The book went down the drain because I was scared to spend the $75,000 it would have taken to print and market it (I SO wish I had done it.) At the time the material was great, but now it looks like kindergarten stuff compared to what we do today.

My other hobbies use to include knitting, spinning yarn, quilting, ad hand dying yarn and quilt fabric. Since I shattered my elbow last year they are all too painful to do.

Digital scrapbooking saved my sanity. I am always happiest when I have a project, I have recovered couches, done faux finish wall treatments, sewn curtain and all kinds of stuff, but my elbow has put an end to that. I was mind numbingly bored after a few months in the cast when I saw an article in Scrapbook Trends magazine about digital scrapping. The rest is history.

I am a recovering freebie addict, it is better to give than to receive (I still do my share of receiving.) I am enjoying the heck out of this, thank you for making it possible.

I am still not sure who I am going to tag yet, so beware!

I Am Running A Bit Late With Part 3

I spent a lot of yesterday designing a floral paper for the kit. It took forever to get the flower bunches the way I wanted them so I could use them as brushes. I have included a preview of the paper with a close up so you can see the rich textures. I have had a lot of people ask me it I would do a tutorial on making papers but for now all I can say is texture, texture, texture. To make paper like this you REALLY need at least 3 gigs of memory (I have 4 ½.) Some of my papers can have 12-15 layers, some layers make a little bit of difference and some make a lot of difference in the appearance of the paper, A doc like this can be as big as 800 mgs and use a gig and a half of memory. Without enough memory this can be a painfully slow process. Well, take a close look at the paper below and be sure to come back tomorrow for the next part of Eastern Spice.
The preview DOES NOT do it justice, it looks fuzzy here but is actually very crisp.