Sunday, June 24, 2007

Part 4 and Let’s Make a Deal

Today’s download of Eastern Spice include one of the best embellishments I have ever made. Take a good look at this inlaid tile frame, I hope that you will feel this ONE piece alone is worth you going and giving a big “thank you” to whoever turned you on to my blog. I am providing the frame and the clusters in two “flavors” one for the muted papers and one for the “Spicy” papers. There are also two new diamond papers in those “flavors.”

Part 5 of this kit will include the alpha among a few other things. BUT I am going to ask you to work for it. Some of the other designers that give out freebies have received over 50 QPs from ONE kit. I have given you FOUR kits and I am almost embarrassed to say I have only received three, QPs and two layouts. Before I upload the last piece of Eastern Spice I would like to receive 50 QPs using ONLY elements from my kits. You can use solids that you make, and alter my pieces anyway you want. The reason that you can only use elements from my kits is that I will get the rights to the QPs. I am looking into ways to display and distribute them (possibly a web-site or another blog) and I will probably have to buy on-line storage to make them available to you. If at some future date I choose to, I would have the right to sell them. So send me your links. Please include your info so that I can include it in the description. If I do not receive 50 QPS I will send out the links for part 5 and the QPs to the people that have sent in pages. I don't want this to sound negitave because I get so much out of these freebies, I want you to take them and use them, but on the other hand I really want to see some of the results of what you have done with them. I don’t think this is too much to ask considering I am fast approaching 25,000 download, so let's have fun with this! (thank you anonymous)

As an incentive, the alpha I am working on is based on the technique I used for the frame. I will give you a little hint as to how it was made, I used Al Ward’s styles at Action FX as a starting point. I have a few ideas for next week’s kit but it will probably be Wednesday before the first part is ready. Please send the QPs ASAP so I can give you all of the extra goodies.

Links Expired

Remember, use ONLY pieces from ANY of my kits or solids that you make yourself. I do not have the right to give another designer's stuff away.
I have had a few comments that some people do not know how to do QPs, anonymous said that Dusty Bear (Laura Payton) and Tina Williams have started Yahoo groups where they do QPs exchanges and they post details of things that would be helpful. I LOVE both of these designer’s work and you can’t go wrong taking advice from them.
Here is the link to Tina Williams blog, if you have not seen her designs yet you will be amazed, I understand that her Yahoo group has info on making QPs.
Another place to go is Scrap Quick, take a look around at some of their great stuff, I bet you will leave with some ideas and a few purchases.

The main way to think about QPs is that it is a layout without the pictures. One way to approach it is just do what you would normally do for a layout then take out the pictures. The preferred format to save it in is png.
You can upload them to a file sharing site if you have one (like 4 shared, it is FREE) or you can send it to me as an attachment in an e-mail to

Anonymous suggested that I should request a release from you. In the body of your e-mail just say that you release the rights to me for the QP you have put together with my products. Thanks and enjoy!