Thursday, June 7, 2007

Odd files

Thank you SO much for your words of encourgament, it has really helped these last few days when I have been ready to scream about all of the computer problems I have had.
I think the odd files that have been mentioned are the TOUs and my acknowledgement to Al Ward at Action FX. I use a Mac and I saved those docs in rft format. I have resaved the docs in txt. Right now there is nothing more important to me then to make sure that I get all of these problems worked out and that they never happen again. I want it to be a pleasure for you to come here and get my freebies, so if you will bear with me and give me feedback I should be able to have things go smoothly from here out, or as smoothly as the world of technology can go at least.
If you do not have the files that are visible in the preview I would like to know.
3 papers
3 Brads
2 Index cards
1 Bead hanging thingie
2 txt docs
Link for part 1 is below preview. Part 2 will be up tomorrow