Friday, June 8, 2007

My First (successful) Ribbons

I have always had a lot of trouble making a decent ribbon but I think I finally managed to make some pretty good ones. The “Stone Sayings” and frame have gone through SO many changes, they took a good part of the day to make. I actually ended up with a lot of good ones but none of them fit just right with the paper. I am very happy with what I settled on and hope you will be too. The one thing I didn’t have time to do is to make is hangers for them, I should have them ready Sunday. I think all of the computer problems are worked out and I am done with the newspaper, so now I have time to concentrate on part 3 and start on next week’s kit which will be up Sunday.
I have received a few nice QP’s of “Infatuation” and “Butterfly Garden” from some of my wonderful readers and I will post them soon. If you have a QP you would like to share I would love to post it. and I would appreciate getting some links to your LOs.
Thank you for all of the nice comments and for your understanding about the download problems. Your kindness put a smile on my face. Enjoy!!

Sorry Link has been removed.