Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dear Mom Part 4

Here is the last part of Dear Mom, these new papers are a brighter then the other papers so I made some frames and brads that are a little bolder to go with them. I have a good start on the kit I will be giving away this month but it will be next week before I have the first part ready. In the mean time if you are looking for more freebies, Terrell has a beautiful freebie from her My Little Garden kit, Jeanette has the cutest desktop calendar made from Under the Boardwalk and Brenda has a quick page made from her East Meets West kit, I just love the Asian look of this kit.

Something I wanted to mention to all of you today is the importance of backing up your files. What brought this to mind is that there have been a lot of tornadoes lately and one of our members recently had a hard drive crash, she lost a many of the digital supplies that she had purchased. I am somewhat obsessive about backing up my files. My Mac has an automatic backup system, I use an external hard drive to back up to. With the constant threat of storms we have had lately I have gotten into the habit of taking that hard drive down to the basement every night. After my loved ones and my pets (I actually consider them loved ones…LOL) my digital files are some of the most important things I have, insurance would replace most things if they were lost but there is no way to replace lost baby photos or pictures of all of the little things that have happened in my life. Between the site and all of my files I have about a terabyte and a half of stuff, many of these files are irreplaceable. The way I figure it is that if we were to have a tornado I would rather not have to worry about grabbing my back ups on my way to the basement. Even if you are not worried about tornados anything can happen at any time, hard drives fail eventually or fires happen, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. My advice is that before you even consider spending another penny on digital supplies that you spend the money on some kind of back up system for your files. DVDs are under a dollar and you can buy a 300 gig external hard drive for around $100 on sale. This way you can be sure that those precious photos and the layouts that you worked so hard on will be safe.

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