Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vintage Dreams Sampler

I managed to squeak out some design time this week so I was able to finish a kit I have been working on for awhile. The name for it came to me this time, I thought that Vintage Dreams fit it pretty well. The kit has something that I have been trying to get right for a few weeks, digital lace. Good lace is hard to come by so I have been experimenting on making it for a few weeks but it was never quite the way I wanted it but I think that I finally got it this time. There are 17 papers in the kit and an additional 14 are available in the add-on paper pack. The kit will be on sale for the next two weeks. I put together a nice sampler for you, these pieces are all in the kit so if you buy the kit you do not need to download the sampler.

Here is the link to the SAS newsletter, we have lots of great new products and sales along with five freebies that are exclusive to the newsletter.

I read through the wonderful comments that were left on my last post and it is nice to see that some people actually read my remarks about backing up their files. With all of the crazy things going on with the weather a flood, tornado or fire can happen at any time and having a back-up copy of your files can save you a lot of heartache. As I said in the last post, I keep my external hard drives in the basement in case of a tornado but during tornado season I keep all of my paper scrapbook albums and my old photos in the basement also. That way if there ever were a tornado all I would have to grab on my way to the basement would my cat and my little dog Zoe. Well, until next time I hope that you enjoy the sampler.

Vintage Dreams


Vintage Dream Papers

Vintage Dreams Sampler

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