Monday, July 2, 2007

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You, More Freebies and QPs!

It is 2:30 am here and if I stayed up until 5 or so I could get everything finished and uploaded, but since I had one day this week when I did not get to bed until 8 in the morning I probably should quit for the night. I am real happy with the alpha, although it went through many incarnations to get to the point where it was what I envisioned. These new pieces might even inspire you to make more QPs…LOL.
Some really great news is that Grace is almost finished with the site. And what a beautiful job she did. The only hold up now is me finding the time to organize and upload the QPs. Of course that is dependant on me learning HOW to use the software…ROFL. Wish me luck. I should have the alpha and other things up sometime Monday night, and hopefully I can get the first batch of QPs to the gallery later in the week. Stay Tuned!