Wednesday, July 4, 2007

It is 3:30 a.m. Again

It is 3:30 a.m. again and here I am posting instead of in bed. What an exciting night it has been. I was working on a cluster frame (I have mentioned that I LOVE clusters haven’t I) for Eastern Spice when I got a message from Grace that everything was ready. For the last 6 hour we have had e-mails going back and forth getting a few things tidied up and I have been busy TRYING to figure everything out. Do you know that to run a full website with a store/gallery/forum you have three control panels to handle, and that does include whatever it takes to make changes to things like the header. Fortunately the control panels are pretty straight forward, once you figure out what things like “Bread Crumbs Navigation Separator” and the “option name manager” mean it isn’t too bad at all. I am not going to have a store yet but I did get a lot of those things figured out. But the bad news is that I still do not know how to make the QPs downloadable from the gallery. That is what I am gong to focus on tomorrow or I guess I should say today. If any of you are familiar with Photo Post I could use some advice.
Because of all this exciting stuff I was not able to get the next download packaged up and uploaded for you. I PROMISE that I will have the alpha and some other goodies up by this evening. Like I said I am working on a cluster frame and it is looking good so far, I should have that done by Thursday morning or afternoon. If we all keep our fingers crossed and think good thoughts I should have at least SOME of the quick pages uploaded to the gallery and ready to go by Thursday. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments, they always make me smile.