Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tears in My eyes and a Smile on My Face

Wow, you guy are SO great. I came by to see if anyone had any ideas of how to fix my gallery download problem (see post below) and I read the comments that were put up in the last few days. I just sat there with tears in my eyes and a silly grin on my face, THANK YOU, I needed that.
I’ll tell you a little story that I mentioned in my “About Me” when I set the blog up that will kind of explain why I do this.
A little over a year ago I was walking across my kitchen to get my daughter a glass of OJ to go with her 17th birthday breakfast and I tripped over my REALLY big dog. I landed on my elbow and shattered it into little bitty pieces, The Dr said it was the worst break he had ever seen, and called it “the worlds smallest jig-saw puzzle.” He put it back together with all kinds of screws, bolts and plates. He did a great job of that, after two months in a cast, then two month in a removable cast and A LOT of therapy it is functioning pretty well. BUT he did not want to prescribe much in the way of pain control. So for almost 8 month I was in the most miserable pain I could ever imagine. I could not function in almost any way, and I definitely lost anything in the way of creativity. About 5 months ago I started seeing a pain specialist and he is prescribing what I need to take the edge off of the pain enough so that I can think clearly. I feel as though I have gotten my life back. It still hurts too much to do most of the things I use to do, like quilt, spin yarn (yep, people still do that,) lay tile and household decorating, the kind of projects that kept me busy and excited. But the silver lining to this very dark cloud has been that I found digital scrapping. I’ll tell you, it is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I only sleep 4-5 hours a night because I can’t sleep on my back or left (broken) side. When I wake up I usually feel like I have been run over by a truck. Digital scrapping, this blog, giving out freebies, your comments and the plans I am making have given me a happiness and excitement I have not felt in a LONG time. I am enjoying the heck out of this and have a hard time dragging myself off to bed. I have always been a night owl, but I take a nap in the afternoon. Thank you again for you very sweet comments, they made my day.

Now for a little update. The site is all together and I have figured a lot of things out. The one thing I can’t figure out is how to make the items in the gallery downloadable. There are a lot of sites like Scrap Artist and 3 Scrapateers that have member downloads, I am using the Photo Post software they use, but nothing seems to work for me. If I can’t work this out soon the other option I have is I could upload the quick pages to the “Store” area and you could just put them in your cart and download them like that. If anyone knows anything about this, HELP!!!

I will have the alpha and some other things here sometime Thursday afternoon.