Friday, July 13, 2007

Posting Contest

We are going to have a posting contest. Every day for the next 4 weeks the top 3 posters on the web site for that day will get a coupon they can redeem for a free kit of their choice. Now it might seem silly to have a contest with a prize you have never seen but I do have plans to start selling my kits in the next few weeks. I have a few in the works but I kind of got side-tracked for the last two weeks working on the site. So if you like what I have done so far I think you will be happy with what I come up with next. Just about everything you do here will increase your count. Posting replies, starting threads, uploading to the gallery, comments on peoples uploads all count for 1, and for referrals you will get 3 towards your count instead of 1. Some of you are so active and sharing anyplace you go, so to give everyone a chance to win, you can only win one coupon a week.
I have not quite figured this part out yet but if you have any ideas on interesting things we can do here and want to get it started you will most defiantly get a coupon for a free kit. Here are the top posters as of right now; they will receive a coupon (as soon as I design it.) The contest started the day the site opened on the 10th and goes from midnight to midnight, central time. I have posted the names of the winners for the first two days in the forum.
Link to the forum