Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today is the Day, the Site is Open!

I can’t believe that I am opening the site today. Until I started writing this I was OK, but you would not believe how nervous I got all of a sudden. I have uploaded over a dozen of the quick pages that were sent in (in alphabetical order, but they show up in reverse,) and I will be uploading more after I get the newspaper done. Be sure to stop by the forum to check out the suggested reading list and leave me a note so I will know you stopped in. Feel free to use the gallery to display your layouts and to give out your freebies. And I would love it if you would share any tutorials that you have. Think of it as your gallery, because without your encouragement and quick page contributions I never would have undertaken this. I did just find out that there is a problem with my e-mail link so if you have problems with ANYTHING please e-mail me at
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