Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dusted Blossoms QPs Uploaded

I hope by now that most of you have made your way to the gallery to have a look around and to help yourself to the quick pages in the gallery. I got the Dusted Blossoms QPs uploaded today, now there are 40 QPs available. We have the start of a nice member’s gallery and you are all invited to add your layouts there. There are also some good links for Gimp, PS and Photo Impact users in the forum. There is a daily posting contest going on, the details for that are in the forum also. I have about 6 “irons in the fire” today but things are under control now.

I have been able to get some designing done and that makes me happy. I am making some scroll brushes, I have tried to draw them with a paint brush before but I don’t have too steady of a hand (too mush coffee I think) so they never looked very good, I decided to make them with the pen tool and it is much easier and they are also much more adaptable like that, so you can expect to see a lot of fancy scrolls from now on. I have 5 new papers made and a good start on the embellishments. I will post more of the Eastern Spice QPs on Tuesday. The link to the gallery is below the preview, Enjoy!

Stone Accents Studio Gallery