Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Coming Soon!

I have some good news. I figured out (with the help of Grace) how to put a direct link under the previews. The way the software usually works is that you have add a photo to your favorites, then download them from there. That option had a few things I didn’t like so I was determined to do it with a direct link. I have a lot of the quick pages uploaded and have checked the links (THEY WORK, WHOOPIE!!) I am so excited, when I see all of those beautiful pages lined up side by side, it is GORGIOUS. I have a little tiding up to do in the gallery and I want to add some book reviews to the tutorials section in the forum. If you have a good tutorial or a link to one it would be great if you would add it when you come by. The gallery will be available for you to show your layouts, you can register and set up your own gallery if you would like. If you have any other quick pages to share you can do it through your file-sharing site and put the link in the description or you can send them to me and I will do it.
After going through all of the things involved with setting up a site and seeing the limitations the software that control it imposes I will have more tolerance for those sites that have things out of whack. It takes a lot of time to track done a problem and sometimes the fix involves a compromise, one of which I had to make in order to keep the site from growing too big for the screen as you browsed the thumbnails.
I have to get a lot done on the newspaper before I can finish up the site so the opening will be late Wednesday. You better start cleaning out your hard drive to make room for the quick pages because you will have a hard time choosing which ones you don’t want…LOL.