Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Mega Kit Freebie and Mega Announcement

I bet you have been wondering where I have been for the last few days, Well, I have been busying tying up loose ends on my big plans and designing a mega kit to give out to you over the next few weeks. I have been telling you that I have been working on something and today is the day to tell you about it. I will be opening Stone Accents Studio store near the end of August, and I am looking for 8-10 Designers, A Creative Team of 4-6 and a Co-administrator. I have that great big beautiful store waiting to be stocked with pretties and I know there are a lot of you that have great design ideas you would like to sell, so if you are looking for a home for your designs or if you are an established designer looking for another store in a warm pleasant “working” environment I invite you to apply for a position. I am also looking for 4-6 exciting people to be on my creative team, and to get my products free in exchange for making layouts and posting them in galleries, basically to do what you love to do only getting to do it for free. The most important position I need to fill is for the co-administrator, I need a person who is familiar with the digital community and advertising. This position will also involve management of the forums and the store, so if you are a real “Go Getter” and want to get in on the bottom floor of this new business I would love to hear from you.
If you are interested in these positions please e-mail me at stoneaccentsstudio@hotmail.com and I will send you all of the information you need to apply. These calls are open until the positions are filled; I look forward to hearing for you.

Now for the Mega kit. I hope you like paper, ribbon, flowers and all kinds of goodies. I have named it “Feelin Wonderful” partially because that is how I have been feeling, so the paper with text on it has synonymous of the word “wonderful”. Once I got started on it things just flowed. Like Eastern Spice I wanted to make it very versatile for you. I have made over 50 papers that all coordinate together. I have designed about 20 flowers and over a dozen ribbons with more to come, and I am working on the journaling pieces right now. I am sure that by the time I am done there will be at least 70 elements, Like I said they will all coordinate but I am mixing styles so you can get many different looks out of this one kit. I want to give special thanks to Carola Designs, I used her “Colored Flowers” commercial use gems in this kit, and also Al Ward Action FX, I incorporated his styles and patterns in the designs. I will post each part of Feelin Wonderful on the blog, because I really miss the wonderful comments I get here. Each part will also include bonus elements that will only be available in the forum or gallery for a limited time. They won’t be too hard to find because the forum and gallery is not so big that it would waste your time (I hate having to go all through a site to find something so I wouldn’t do that to you.) While you are in the gallery or forum I hope you will take the time to post a reply or to open a gallery and upload some of your layouts. Like Eastern Spice this kit lends itself to quick pages so starting next week I will be putting out the call for some more great contributions from you. Everyone enjoyed it so much last time and I have all that room in cyberspace so we might as well fill it up. The posting contest is still going on, 3 people a day that post will win a coupon for a free kit and if you start a really good thread or have a good idea you will also receive one. I hope that you feel this kit was worth the wait, I am very excited about sharing it with you and look forward to seeing some layouts and quick pages from it. Enjoy!

Some of the 48 papers for this kit.

Links Expired

I got the comments about changing the tabs for the forum, I was planning on doing that soon, I just need to talk to Grace first so I don't blow the place up doing it. If you click the link above it will take you directly to the forum. Thanks.