Thursday, August 16, 2007

Exciting Announcement and Good News

I was trying to get the next part of Feelin SAS-y up for you today but that did not work out. I took me two days to recover after pulling the all nighter Sunday night getting ready for our big announcement. I spent Monday and Tuesday organizing all of the things that were basically thrown in a ‘pile” in my computer, then Tuesday night I was getting everything sorted on the right docs when my power went out. OMGosh, it was 104 degrees here, but I decided that before the house warmed up I would try to catch up on the housework that I have neglected for 6 weeks, so I got a lot of that done and ended up doing my dishes by candlelight (how romantic huh…LOL) By then the house was down right hot so I took a nice cool bath and decided that since there was nothing I could do in the dark I might as well go to bed, but since it would be too hot I was seriously considering sleeping in the tub and changing the water as it warmed up (it sounded like a good idea at the time.) Just about the time I had settled in the lights came back on. Unfortunately I did lose some of the docs that I had open but I was just glad to have power. Now that I have all of the big things done I think that I can slow down a bit, I really did not think I could have kept at the pace I was working at much longer, so I am relieved that I can relax a bit. Everyone that talked to me a few weeks ago and that has talked to me in the last few days says that I am talking a LOT slower than I was…LOL, were they trying to tell me something??... ROFLOL

I have a very exciting announcement for you, I have the creative teams together and I am thrilled at the talented and enthusiastic people that have joined the SAS team. It is a bit confusing because some of the people on my team are going to be helping out on the store team for a while because there is so much to do and also because I STILL have not had a chance to design much so I do not have anything for them to scrap. So here is the list of the SAS-y Girls, and the JulieO creative team (I need a better name for them) The SAS-y Girls are the store team and they will not only be scrapping layouts and stuff they will also be involved in they activities that are going on the forum and many of them have special talents and skills the I hope they can up to good use in the forum. So with this announcement the Stone Accents Studio Team is complete!!

These are suppose to blink but I do not know how to make that happen here so you will have to go to their blog to see the cool blinkies that Lori made for me, that girl is too good to me...LOL

Introducing the SAS-y Girls
Lee B

JulieO’s Creative Team
Michaela SAS-y Girl/JO
Nanc SAS-yGirl/JO

It was really cool when I went by their blogs and saw my name in lights so to speak…LOL. I linked to the ones that have blogs so you can stop by and say “Hi”