Monday, August 13, 2007

Feelin SAS-y

I was Feelin Wonderful but now I’m Feelin SAS-y because today
Stone Accents Studio is Pleased to Announce
The SAS-y Ladies Stone Accents Studio’s Design Team

All of the SAS-y Ladies have special treats planned for you today and I know that Candee has been working like a woman on a mission to put together a special contest for you in the SAS forum.
Blogger is being a BAD BAD blog and will not let me put my list of links up so I will list them here
Candee @ Mermaid's Haven
Phreephorm @ Phreephormpsr BlogSpot
Digitreats @ Princess Pamela
Pillow Girl Pillowgirl's Scraps
Terrell @ Wait it Gets Better
Kara @ Kara PerrienDesigns
Sherah @ Skrapper Digitals
And Julie Cohen from Australia who does not have a blog yet

To celebrate today’s announcement I have Feelin SAS-y for you, this kit has been on my mind for a while, but working on the site and putting the teams together for what seem like 24 hours a day got in the way of my designing. The last big important item I took care of was putting the Creative Teams together. Lori my assistant (I still think it is a hoot that this little SAHM has an assistant…ROFLOL) did a great job gathering all of the links and the scrapper in her decided to present them in layout form…LOL, it took me most of the weekend to get letters out to all of the applicants but it is finished, if you applied and have not heard from me that probably means that in all of the craziness your application may have gotten lost, so contact me if that is the case.
I actually started this kit at about 6:00 Sunday night and it is now 9:00 Monday morning and I have not been to bed yet. I have lots more planned but I am going to take it a little easy for the next couple of days. I am probably not going to know what to do with myself now that I will not have to type all day. With the store opening soon (right after Labor Day) I will still have a lot to do, I think I will have to find my new “normal.” Well be sure check out all of the SAS-y Ladies blogs and freebies their links are on the right and then stop by the forum to see what we have planned for the contest and all of the other things going on there. I am fading fast and still have a few things to do before I can get to bed, I hope you are Feelin a bit SAS-y yourself today, Enjoy!

Download part 1 of Feelin SAS-y Here