Monday, August 6, 2007

Feelin Wonderful 4 and a little hint

If you have been reading my blog you know how busy I have been. I have typed more in the last two weeks than I have in my entire life put together! So many plans to be made and e-mails flying back and forth through cyberspace. It seems like I have been typing 14-16 hours a day forever. But so many good things have happened it has all been worth it. I still can’t tell you who is on the design team yet, but over the next few days I will be giving you some hints in the way of embellishments. Because I have been so busy I have not been able to do what I LOVE, which is to design, and share the goodies with you guys. As I told you earlier I made over 50 papers for Feelin Wonderful, I started with a color palette to tie it together but I have tried to give you a variety of styles in the papers and embellishments so that this kit could be used for everything from weddings to parties, and from formal to playful. Even thou this is one kit, I think the color range and combinations make it so that you could mix and match to your hearts content and every page would look different. But because I have been so busy I have not had time to finish the embellishments. So I asked some of the Stone Accents Studio (SAS) design team to help me out. Most of the embellishments for the rest of the week will have been made by a soon to be named Stone Accents Studio (SAS) design team member.
It has only been sheer excitement that has keep me going some days, I don’t think I have ever worked this hard in my life, but it seems that every day one more piece falls into place. I got a great response to the call for assistants for myself and Sheri who is in charge of advertising. There was so much talent and enthusiasm I could not settle on just two so I ask three wonderful people to join the team, After today they will be taking much of the load off of me so I can focus on designing, Lori 1941 my right hand girl, e-mailed me today to “nag” me because I had not sent her anything to do yet…LOL. The reason I hadn’t done it was because I was so dang busy I didn’t have time…ROFLOL. So anyway, things will ease off and I am extremely grateful to everyone.
I want to let the creative team applicants know that starting tomorrow Lori and I will be downloading and checking out your layouts. So I hope that within a few days we can get the store creative team and my CT together and you guy can start scrapping away. It is not too late to apply. My creative team will mainly be scraping layouts from my new designs and the store team will be helping the design team and taking part in activities and contests in the forum, so if you are interested in either team let me know.
I could go on and on but I will be back tomorrow with more of Feeling Wonderful, there will also be more embellishments from SAS’s design team and a bit more of an update. Thanks so much for coming by and Enjoy! JulieO

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