Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I Am Feelin Wonderful Again

I think I hit a wall last night and the last month or so of crazy activities caught up with me, so I got to bed before 3:00, slept late and woke refreshed,

Today’s download is a mix of colors, papers and embellies. With all of the papers I made I have had a heck of a time trying not to give you duplicates, so if I did I am sorry, but I spent a lot of time trying not to. I almost forgot to give you the scalloped envelopes tops for the “Mix’N’ Match” envelopes so they are in this download.

The mystery SAS design Team members have done some fine beadwork, I actually have some in the works so you have a lot of types of beads to work with. All of the embellishments in the separate preview today were done by another mystery design team member. I have been so pleased with the work they have done and I really look forward to all of us putting our creative skills to work on our first Mega Kit. There is a bonus in the forum again, the alpha was done by the same designer that made most of the embellies for yesterday’s download. With the DST boards down yesterday and I think today still, traffic has been a bit light here, so tell your friends to come on by and get all of theses freebies.

I wish I had the time to do a proper preview for today and someday I would love to have a preview of the whole kit, that would probably need a few pages since it is so huge, but maybe I will get a chance someday.

When you go by the forum and gallery you will see a lot of changes thanks to our Web-Master Olga9999, she has all the skills that I totally lack and she is whipping the place into shape. Lori my assistant is helping me round up the links for the Creative Teams and we should have that worked out soon. The choices will be difficult because of the high quality of work, but with 2 CTs we should find a place for everyone, we just need to figure out what they all want to do and get them plugged in to the right place.

Janalyn, who is Sheri and my girl Friday, is helping me with the posting contest. It turned out to be a big job to keep up so she is helping me to figure out who we hand all of those free coupons out to. BTW SAS’s one-month anniversary is Friday the 10th so we hope to have all of the coupon winner’s names available and we will have the coupons to you in time for our big Grand Opening.
There will be more wonderful embellishments form another design team member tomorrow. I still have to work on the newspaper and a dozen other things (my DH thinks dinner would be nice…ROFLOL) so it will probably be early evening by the time they are hear. Start making your quick pages, we should be ready for them next week. I can hardly wait to see all of the great combinations you come up with from this Mega Kit. Enjoy!

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