Friday, August 17, 2007

Feelin SAS-y Part 2 and Good News

I am still very busy getting things done for the store but I have been able to slow down a bit. I even made a decent dinner last night, now if I could get to the laundry life would be good…LOL. It was nice to be able to do some designing today but I told Sherah that I have had so little time to design that I am always afraid that it won’t come back. But when I opened Feelin SAS-y I was so happy because as soon as I looked at it the colors of the kit they inspired me. I have so many ideas for this kit, I wish I could spend the next few days just creating with it, but alas, there are many more things to do. I really want to make Feelin SAS-y a versatile kit like Feelin Wondeful, most of what you have so far is more on the casual/playful side but I have some things in the works that will “dress it up” a bit. I have decided that I am going to set aside time every day to design, if I don’t I will be the only one in the store with empty shelves and that just wouldn’t do…LOL. BTW, if you missed my exciting news about the creative teams read yesterday’s entry

I have very good news about the odd files that some of you have had, Terrell was kind enough to send me a screen shot of her download of Feelin SAS-y part 1, I have included it below. She has all of the papers and embellishments that I put in the kit, but she also has those funky kitty files, those file have the same name as the real files except they have an _underscore in front of the name. Feelin SAS-y 1 is 39 mgs, when Terrell deleted the funky kitty files it reduced the file size by about a half mg. There is also has a Bridge file, Bridge is part of the Adobe CS3 Design Premium package, it is the file browsing program that I use. So you can throw out the duplicate files and the Bridge files, and most importantly they do not add anything in the way of size to the download. As soon as I get permission to use my daughter’s PC laptop I will start taking my files over to her computer and deleting they extra files before I upload it. I will probably not use the win rar program since that program can cause it’s own problems, so I will just continue to zip them. I can’t tell you what relief it is to find all of this out. I have tried everything I could think of but I kept getting reports of the strange files, now I know that you were getting ever part of the kit that you were suppose to. If any of you have a different problem I would like to hear of it so I can deal with it.

I hope to have more of Feelin SAS-y by Monday, I think we will be ready for QP’s from Feelin Wonderful by then, I had a few questions for Olga and as soon as I get the word you can start uploading and sharing them. We have close to 700 layouts on the member’s gallery already so stop by to get inspired. Enjoy!

The link is all fixed. Pat was right, I tested it the first time and it worked but when I pasted it in to the browser I left the http there. Right after I posted this I went to my little niece’s birthday party, I have gotten close to her lately and I started her scrapping her puppy album so there was no way I was going to miss her party. When I got home I was wiped out and for the first time in months I did not check my e-mail or comments right away. When I opened the comments I was mortified, thank goodness Pat had it figured out, thanks much Pat. Hopefully things will go smoothly from here. Have a nice weekend.
Download Feelin SAS-y Part 2 Here.
Reactivated 9-27

Funky files screen shot- Delete the duplicate files with an _underscore in front of the names and the Bridge files (explanation above)