Friday, August 10, 2007

Final Part of Feelin Wonderful

I was trying to get this up yesterday but we had something happen in the forum that ate up a bunch of my time. As some of you may have noticed the post count went whacky. We have no idea of why it happened, no one pushed the wrong buttons or anything so at this point it is a mystery. I have a post about it in the forum so if you go by there please read it. I promised you some more beadwork and here it is,
I think this will round out this mega kit wonderfully. Most of you know how much I LOVE clusters, I was going to try to get a few of them together but I ran out of time, but I would love it if some of you post what you have made in the gallery.

Today is the first month anniversary for Stone Accents Studio’s (SAS)
I can’t believe all that has happened in the last month, the forum has so many great threads going and there is so much involvement there. We have a lot of member galleries with so many beautiful layouts from my kits as well as using other designers. The last three weeks have been a whirlwind for me with putting all of the teams together, I am so happy and grateful for all of the people that want to be involved in various ways. Lori has gathered all of the CT applicant’s links and we are going to spend the weekend putting the store and my CT together and we hope to be able to let everyone know by Sunday night.
Now for the really big news, I know there is a lot of talk out there about who is on the design team and I had hoped to be able to share this earlier but I wanted to make sure everything was in place before we told you. We will have everything in ready by Monday so one way or another will have the official unveiling of the Stone Accents Studio Design Team on Monday. We have some great activities planned next week in the forum so be sure to stop in and check them out
I think all of this caught up with me because I have a cold or something, I feel all achy and yucky so I am going to relax a bit this weekend and hopeful I will throw this off. There is no bonus today, but I think you have plenty of things to work with for the QP call, we will get that started next week, so get to work girls…LOL Enjoy and Hugs.

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